Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All of the characters have heads that are fairly two dimensional, meaning that while the body is full 3D and can be viewed from any angle, the head is limited to certain angles before it starts to look strange. So to prevent limiting the angle too much, I needed to create a second head that can be swapped with a switch.
 After a while of trial and error, I finally got everything to work smoothly. The mouth, eyes, and eyebrows are all the same model, only shifted and flipped to line up with the head. I have to admit, it worked better than I thought it would!
 I finally added the controls to swap the mouth cards and all the switches to change expressions. I figure I'll leave Dan like this for now and move onto other things. It feels like I've spent way too much time already on him alone.

I finally started on the neighbourhood. I'm slowly blocking in the locations of everything and how it will relate to each other, though the final models won't be too much more detailed than this. Below you can see a test render, something close to what the final will look like.

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